Friday, March 20, 2009

Current Updates

Following are the updates in the industry of city
  1. Some strength is coming in Diamond Industry
  2. Buyers are looking for rough diamond
  3. Polish demand is picking .
  4. Diamond workers shortage seen at some parties
  5. Textile industry is also on boom
  6. Shortage of worker is also seen there because of recent holidays
  7. Election environment is building up slowly

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Surat news this month

This month was very bad for surat industry. the main business diamond is facing recession. although textile industry figures is good. people telling that textile is also weak but the bank transaction data says that its growing. Due to 40% closed units in diamond many familys migrates in last month. and the rate is increasing. the property rates comming down. people reducing their expances. workers clashes with their units and also wirh regulators are main headlines in last month.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wish You Happy New Year 2009

We are on the verge of completion of Year 2008.
We had success, sorrow, joy & gloomy moments throughout the year.

World – over,
We, all, are passing through some difficult moments
facing tough Challenges.

Let’s remember & follow
Charles Darwin’s law who says

“It’s neither the Strongest of Species that survives nor the most intelligent,
but the one which is most responsive to change.”

So, Let’s get our act together
& adapt the changes


New Year
Lots of Zeal & Energy.

Wish You
A Very Healthy & Prosperous
New Year 2009